Liu Yongliang

Liu Yongliang

Software Engineer


As a computer science student at the National University of Singapore,
I have gained a deep understanding that hands-on experience and
practical application is key to mastering any skill. To this end, I
have pursued several internships and software engineering roles to
sharpen my skills and knowledge.

In my first summer of the university, I had the privilege to
join a startup where I worked on diverse web development projects. I
found this experience both fascinating and fulfilling. To meet the
challenges, I had to engage in a lot of self-directed learning and
proactively seek out the guidance and mentorship from my colleagues.
Despite the difficulties, I persevered, and seeing the website go live
while knowing that I played a part in developing its tools gave me a
sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Working as a software engineer, I am always searching for
opportunities that allow me to utilize my skills while continuing to
learn and grow. I am excited about the dynamic and constantly evolving
nature of the field and am confident in my ability to meet new
challenges as they arise.


Backend Engineer Intern



Sun May 01 2022 - Sun Jul 31 2022


  • Architect and develop efficient, highly scalable and secured services that power e-commerce products
  • Optimise backend systems and services for data security, modularity, computational efficiency and scalability
  • Design and develop data pipelines and analytics platforms for e-commerce applications

Software Engineering Intern



Sat May 01 2021 - Sat Jul 31 2021


  • Enabling R&D scientists to reduce the trial and error in formulation development with a complete product lifecycle management software
  • Optimizing backend code and improving code efficiencies
  • Worked on front-end technologies like React JS, Redux, HTML, CSS, Flux Design Patterns